How do I view the live webcasts?
The Adobe Flash Player is required to view the live webcasts. The Flash Player is a free download:
Download now

How do I view the archived webcasts?
QuickTime 7 or greater is required to view the archived webcasts. Older versions of QuickTime will play the audio only, not the video. QuickTime 7 is a free download:
Download for Windows
Download for Mac

How do I test my system to be sure it meets the viewing requirements?
To check your Flash installation, please visit the Adobe Flash Player test page. You will see a success message and version information if Flash is correctly installed. To check your QuickTime installation, please confirm you can view one of the Apple event webcasts.

What is the optimal web browser to use?
With Flash and QuickTime installed, the video content can be viewed in any modern web browser. Internet Explorer and Firefox are recommended for Windows-based users, while Firefox and Safari are recommended for Mac-based users.

What type of web connection do I need to view the webcasts?
The live webcast will be streaming at approximately 400-600 kbps. So, a high-speed connection (DSL or cable modem) is required. A 56K, dial-up modem will not be able to receive the video successfully.

I am using a wireless connection, will I be able to view the webcasts?
This is dependent upon various factors, primarily the strength of your wireless network and the number of users accessing the network. For instance, if you are sharing a wireless connection with several other users, your ability to view the broadcast will likely be affected. The transmission of live multimedia data is intensive, so any instability in your connection to the internet could result in choppy video, audio or other problems. Since the performance of wireless networks is often inconsistent, a wired connection is recommended for optimal performance.

What if the webcast isn't working?
Please visit the troubleshooting section or the support area for contact information.

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